Floor Screeding Case Study

Floor Screeding Case Study- Hollyford House

The client at Hollyford House asked for new waterproof storage area floors for the shopping centre. The original floor was not to be taken out or destroyed but simply topped with a new waterproof layer. The client called in Surrey floor screeding contractors London Flow Screed for the job and requested that the company an entirely new surface for the floor measuring 300m2.

There were time constraints with this job, and the client required that the work be fully competed and the floor be usable within a very short time period. This is why London Flow Screed decided to go with Ronascreen self-smoothing screed topping. This comes from the reliable concrete supplier Ronacrete, Ltd. The beauty of this type of screeding is that is can be pumped in directly. It would dry quickly and be able to tolerate foot traffic in a short amount of time.

Before any screed was laid down, a planning machine cleaned the surface of the floor. Then the floor was primed and sealed. After the floor had been properly repeated, levels of the floor were taken to ensure it was ready for the screed to be laid down. Once all was ready, the concrete topping was pumped in quickly. It was able to cover the entire surface of the floor in a short period of time, then allowed to set and dry. The screed was self-smoothing, which made for very little work once it was pumped in. In order to achieve that property, the screed used was a free flowing cement that was based on a dry, powdery form. This was mixed with purified water to achieve self-smoothing quality

London Flow Screed finished the work on time, and the client was very pleased with the time it took to have the floor ready for use. The client examined the floor after the screed was laid and dried and noted that it looked just as desired.  The new floor would prevent spoilage of goods and provide a better smoother working area for employees. It is estimated that the smoother work surface would increase productivity and decrease workplace accidents.

London Flow Screed also works on a variety of other contracting jobs. Most involve concrete flooring, though other services are provided upon request. The company only uses the best in flooring materials, carefully choosing the best fit for each job to achieve quality work and to meet client demands.