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Justice Centre Case Study

The Cardiff  Centre is a 12-storey building with a steel frame. It is one of the largest of the court complexes built within the UK, with more than 32,000m2 of space. In fact, only a handful of court complexes have been built since the reign of Queen Victoria that come close to the size of the Birmingham one. This building has received widespread acclaim for its modern appearance and for its accessibility. It has also been praised for the way it fits in with the buildings that surround it.

A recommended team of local Contractors were awarded the contract in 2013. They were tasked with creating a contemporary flat roofing system with a natural ventilation system. This ventilation system would have a mechanical backup. Once installed, the system would bring air in through atrium vents on the side of the building and circulate the air through the entire structure.  The primary problem that the contractors encountered with this aspect of the project was the cooling load energy consumption. They installed a perforated veil to cut down that consumption by as much as 20 percent. Plumbing and heating was also a big part of the projects, so we managed to use a local plumbers in Penarth who carried out the job with absolute precision. Some of the boilers we repaired saving on total heating and energy costs for the building.


All the potential problems had to be sorted out before fabrication could begin, in order to save time and money and to keep from halting the progress of the construction. The steelwork contractor has to work very closely with the design team in order to ensure everything would work together properly. Together, they conceived of the building as a layered structure, where there would be several layers of transparency.Using a series of finger-like pods and cantilevering them from either end gave the building the appearance of being suspended in the air. This was partly due to the addition of the veil, which was made from perforated metal cladding. Using fully glazed facades and exquisite steelwork, the building lets in ample sunlight throughout the day. The way the building is designed, most areas can be lit naturally for most of the day.

The entire effect of the building was to be very environmentally friendly. This is why Cardiff based contractors were used, as they have had extensive experience in local sites and knowledge. Over the past decade, they have been asked repeatedly to construct buildings that have an environmental focus. The final requirement was a huge cleanup of all the mess and dirty areas, and there were many stained carpets. Vale Carpet Cleaning based in the area of Cardiff, South Wales stepped up to the plate, and did a fantastic job. We would certainly recommend using these carpet cleaners again for future projects. The court complex was completed in June 2015 and will open in late 2016. The windows of course require a monthly clean, which seems to being took over by the Cardiff window cleaning company. Which would make total sense, being a local Cardiff based business.

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