Residence Block Construction

The student residence in London recent block was attributed to Wimbledon Design and Build. This impressive residence houses more than 500 students in student halls and is located in south-east Glasgow. This state of the art building was designed and constructed by several contractors, including Wimbledon Design and Build. They were contracted to decrease the total number of structural cores in the building, thus improving its overall safety and making a healthier worksite.

This 18-storey building stands at the centre of the London 1 development project. Wimbledon Design and Build was tasked with working on, among other things, the central lift and stair core of the building. This was one of the structural centre pieces of the tower, and as such it had to help support the tower while providing spacious access for numerous students to sue it at once. Working alongside flat roofing specialists in London it was ensured that we abode by fire code regulations for the staircase and lift while still making a flat roof construction that was aesthetically pleasing and in line with the overall look of the campus.

The contractors helped save five weeks on the entire construction programme. Their plan was to take out the four reinforced concrete cores from the plan that were initially part of the construction and replace them with a single, stronger core that was supplemented by vertical bracing. Using a very strong and rigid steel bracing, they were able to provide even more support for the building with the single core than the four previous cores has offered.

The cores had not been installed or even constructed by the time Wimbledon Design and Build was called in. So they did not have to tear down any work already completed. Instead, they updated the plans and created a more spacious and durable support structure for the building. This meant far less work for the other contractors to do, and it saved the entire production weeks of work and planning.

The core they sued improved the overall health and safety of the construction area. That was due to the way it would not require any temporary formwork. It also allowed for safe working conditions in enclosed spaces and elevated areas.

The residence was finished on November of 2015, weeks ahead of schedule. Wimbledon Design and Build had completed their work on the structure months prior, in July. The Glasgow 1 owners were highly pleased with the cost-cutting and time-saving efforts of the contractors, and they were thrilled to only need one core instead of four while still enjoying the same structural integrity for the building.

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