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Eastbourne Heating Project for 4-Bedroom House

JRS Plumbers  already had an extensive positive reputation in the Eastbourne area when they were contracted to take on a project in conjunction with several partners. Their partners were Berkeley Homes and the East Sussex Council, and the project was an environmentally friendly home. This home’s purpose was to provide a liveable environment that would be aesthetically pleasing while causing as little impact on the environment as possible. JRS Plumbers Eastbourne located in Hailsham East Sussex took on this job was to make sure the home came with low energy heating.

They used specialized underfloor heating, which would provide efficient heating for the entire house as well as make for easy installation. It would cost less and work more effectively than a radiator-based system that is more common. That is because the boiler powering the heating system would be required to put out less energy and would run at a lower overall temperature. The owners of the house would be able to achieve the same level of heat for the home while setting the thermostat at a lower temperature. The heating system would require less energy to provide the same results.

The underfloor heating system that JRS Plumbing used is one that is relatively easy for installers to place. Inside this project house, they laid the plastic mounting boards in intervals along a sub floor. This concrete floor held the pipes for the heating system securely in place. The cut the boards to fit the house using a knife then covered up this sub floor along with the boards and pipes with a screed. This screed conducts the heat easily, providing more effective heating throughout the entire house. It is also excellent at holding the heating system in place.

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The mounting boards for this system only need about 10cm of height for installation. Since they dovetail and overlap, they can interlock very tightly and stay securely where they need to be.

The property where the work was done was designed to work with natural gas central heating. This uses circuits that are individually controlled and that are connected to thermostatic radiator valves. The heating products that JRS Plumbing Services offers are able to be used for secondary or primary heating sources for a home. They can provide a wide range of solutions for heating control and give homeowners a large measure of freedom on how every room is heated.

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